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Marina Mandalina Sibenik

Mandalina Marina & Yacht Club is located in the center of the Croatian Adriatic coast, in the historical town of Sibenik, between two national parks: Kornati archipelago and Krka waterfalls. Indisputable advantage of marine site is its location in the bottom of the deep Sibenik canal's bay. Marina is protected from all winds; sheltered by the peninsula from the northern wind Bura and strengthened with a strong breakwater that keeps it safe from the southern Jugo wind.

At this moment, Mandalina Marina & Yacht Club features 350 in-water slips and 50 dry - dock berths on land and accommodate vessels up to 75 meters, offering an outstanding range of on-site conveniences for luxury yacht owners, their guests and crew members.

Marina for mega yachts, which NCP Group develops in cooperation with foreign partners, will accommodate vessels up to 100 meters in length, and it will consist of 65 additional berths for mega yachts. Construction of mega-yacht marina will be completed by the end of 2010.


About town Sibenik

Šibenik, a gem in the Croatian Adriatic, is situated along the mouth of Krka on the most picturesque part of the eastern Adriatic coast. As the oldest Croatian autonomous town it was first mentioned in 1066 during the reign of the Croatian King Kresimir IV.

Sibenik region is one of the most attractive areas of the Croatian coast that National Geographic magazine included between the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world. Furthermore, Mandalina Marina & Yacht Club is very pleasant for staying because it's very quite and calm during the night, but only few minutes away from downtown of Sibenik, famous for its UNESCO protected heritage with great offer of entertaining summer events. Marina features bar, restaurant and grocery store and in nearby distance from Mandalina Marina are Primošten and Vodice - the top Croatian destinations for summer parties. Mandalina Marina & Yacht Club is perfect for those who are looking after calm vacation with additional entertaining and sport activities.

The rich cultural and historical heritage of the city is visible in the impressive Cathedral of sv. Jakov [St. Jacob], built by the famous architect Juraj Dalmatinac and is under UNESCO protection. Numerous churches, monasteries, palaces and four fortresses 'frame' the city, and also testify to the perseverance, renunciation and faith of generations of people of Šibenik. Šibenik is a city of culture, the host to the only International Children's Festival as well as traditional events such as Dalmatian chanson Evenings.

Near the town there are two national parks - Krka and Kornati whose fascinating landscapes take visitors breath away. The Falcon Centre, only eight kilometers away from Šibenik, in a beautiful dense pine forest is a unique place where visitors can meet and learn about the life of falcons, and Etnoland Dalmati near the Krka National Park offers visitors the chance to learn through real life experience about the Dalmatian hinterland's past.

Built between 1431 and 1535, St. Jacob's Cathedral witnessed important exchanges in the area of monumental art between North Italy, Dalmatia and Tuscany in the 15th and 16th centuries. Three architects - Francesco di Giacomo, George of Dalmatia and Nicholas of Florence – developed a structure fully made of stone, by using a unique technique for the cathedral's dome. The result is a harmonious stone whole, arrangement methods and absolute harmony within the cathedral.

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