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Región de Dubrovnik

Región de Dubrovnik

About Dubrovnik area and South Dalmatia region

South Dalmatia has only one marina in Dubrovnik, but is also accessible from Makarska and one way charters from Split.


Dubrovnik as it's main starting port and South Dalmatia offer an amazing area for catamaran sailing holidays. As the other sailing regions in Croatia it offers a few wonderful small Mediterranean towns on the way, giving you the chance to see 'the Mediterranean as it once was'. to not miss the national park of Mljet. It's a jewel of Southern Adriatic, that will take away from the boat for a while, whether it is going to be a bike ride, a nice walk, a run or a rent-a-car ride around the island which we definitely recommend.

Korcula is the main town on the island Korcula situated on its eastern side, right across the narrow and busy Peljesac channel. Korcula is not to miss on your Dubrovnik catamaran charter adventure. It offers an amazing architectural heritage, a marina with great service and facilities and some good nightlife. Food and vine, not to forget, we have to mention Korcula's traditional sweets and vines Posip and Grk grown right there on Korcula.

Lastovo is one of the most distant islands considering the mainland. It's a Nature Park, a protected area of the island and its archipelago made from to groups of small islands Lastovnjaci. Enjoy the great restaurant offer at Lastovo, look for the bay named Zaklopatica, situated on the northern side of the island, a favorite spot for nautical clientele. We particularly recommend the traditional family restaurant Augusta Insulae, held by our friends and good men. Just be sure to reserve your table in advance if in high season!

Dubrovnik airport is well connected to most of the major European cities as well as Zagreb airport. Other connections include road travel (most of it is highway), and ferry lines to Split and Rijeka, also to Italy (Bari and Ancona).


You will undoubtedly be mesmerized by the beauty of the islands,... coast and sea in the local waters of Dubrovnik.

This is where lovers of this kind of tourism and passionate yachtsmen - participants in one of the numerous regattas which take place in the waters of Dubrovnik the whole year round - will both find a perfect holiday and entertainment. After a pleasant but strenuous sailing trip, a berth in a marina with all facilities will come in handy, whether you merely need to restock with water, fuel and food for the continuation of your sailing, or you are in need of some service. A year-round berth for your boat is available at the Dubrovnik Marina.

Dubrovnik region is one of the most beautiful sailing destinations on Mediterranean. After visiting Dubrovnik, you can go around Elafiti Islands (Koločep, Lopud, Šipan), Mljet, Korčula, Lastovo and other smaller islands in the area. They are all privileged with characteristic lush vegetation and rich cultural and ancient historical heritage. Particularly interesting are lodges and palaces from time of medieval Republic Of Dubrovnik.

Sailing in this area represents true delight because of short distances between islands and great choice of destinations. You can choose- to rush and visit as much as possible, or to stay all day in one of many lagoons. If you go 50 NM northwest, you will come close to town Korčula which is, besides Dubrovnik, bigger place in this region. It has marina with accompanying facilities, many restaurants and great variety of cultural and amusing contents. Korčula is for many people the most beautiful small town in Croatia so it is known as "small Dubrovnik". Other islands in this area are well-known for its beautiful nature (national park Kornati), small places and bays (coves). In almost every bay you can find family restaurants which will give you besides great gastronomic offer an anchoring for your boat. That is what altogether making this area safe and pleasant for sailing.


Suggested Sailing Routes

7 DAYS: Sailing from Duborvnik towards Elafiti islands and Lopud, Mljet, Korcula, Lastovo...

  • Day 1 : Dubrovnik - Lopud
  • Day 2 : Prozura, island Mljet
  • Day 3 : Mljet (National park)
  • Day 4 : Medieval Korcula
  • Day 5 : A little bit of Robinson style holiday
  • Day 6 : Return to Elafiti
  • Day 7 : Elafiti - Dubrovnik

Once you have enjoyed in the beauties of Dubrovnik it's time to start this sailing Croatia route. On the first day sail towards the Elafiti archipelago which stretches between Dubrovnik and Peljesac peninsula. We suggest you to stop at Lopud which is 7.5 nautical miles far from Durovnik port called Gruz. Lopud is especially great if you have kids on board. Be sure to take them to enjoy to the beautiful sandy beach called Sunj which is located on the east side of the island. There are many good restaurants there where you can indulge in the great Dalmatian cuisine.

We suggest you sail for Mljet early in the morning the second day of your sailing Croatia route. There is around 15 miles to Prozura on island Mljet and we want you to fully experience the stunning beauties of this National Park. We chose Prožura for you because this bay will protect you from any wind and this would be the excellent choice for the first stop of this breathtaking island. For a great meal while in Prozura, konoba Marijana is definitely a great choice.

Once you see Mljet it is incredibly difficult to leave it. You will know what I am talking about once you see it. This is why on the day 3 of this sailing Croatia journey we will continue to enjoy in this mesmerizing island. Sail towards Polace bay where you can anchor in the another protective bay which, once you enter it, makes you feel as if you entered a lake. This is not the lake everyone who visits Mljet talks about. For you to visit the lakes everyone is talking about you need to sail towards the western tip of the island to Pomena. Once in Pomena, you can find the free berth on the waterfront in front of hotel Odisej. If you are looking for a prettier spot to drop anchor do it in front of the islet Pomestak. To take a walk to through the dense pine forest and visit the renowned lakes of Mljet there is a path you can take which begins by the hotel Odisey (hotel got it's name based on the Homer's work where he indicated that Odysseus found harbor right here). You will soon realize that there are not many places in the world which can compare with the beauties of Mljet.

Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo, can only be compared to the beauties of Dubrovnik. Encircled by massive city walls enclosing the narrow city streets decorated by hundreds of statues this mysterious city whispers tales and ancient legends even to this day. Korcula leaves no one aloof, but we suggest that before you berth there you first make a stop at the sandy beaches of Lumbarda. Enjoy in Posip and Grk wines which are two of the wines characterizing this region (Grk wine is made from the grape the ancient Greeks brought here. Grk wine is only produced here so it's the once in a lifetime opportunity).

Day 5 of this Catamaran Croatia sailing route is reserved for true relaxation. There are numerous islets around Korcula and you can take as much out of the day to explore them and to find harbor for safe overnight. You can choose to go to Peljesac instead. We suggest you to go to sail to hidden Okuklj bay. You will find this great family owned restaurant right on the seashore and while enjoying in the great traditional cuisine you will enjoy in the feeling that no one can find you there.

On the sixth day of this sailing Croatia route from Dubrovnik sail towards the island of Sipan, the biggest island of the Elafiti archipelago. Sipan harbor is a great place for you to harbor and spend the night. Before harboring in Sipan you can explore Elafiti islands. Visit Jakljan and anchor in any of the cozy coves on the northeast side of the island. After you have enjoyed in the beautiful crystal sea head toward Sipan for the safe anchorage during the night.

On the seventh day of sailing Croatia route from Dubrovnik we set sails towards Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is not far and you can schedule this day according to the time you have at your disposal.


Other sailing routes

  • Day 1: Dubrovnik - Sipan
  • Day 2: Mljet (National Park)
  • Day 3: Korcula
  • Day 4: Lastovo
  • Day 5: Mljet
  • Day 6: Lopud
  • Day 7: Lopud - Dubrovnik


  • Day 1: Makarska - Korcula
  • Day 2: Mljet (National Park)
  • Day 3: Lastovo
  • Day 4: Vis
  • Day 5: Hvar
  • Day 6: Brac
  • Day 7: Brac - Makarska
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