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Marina Kastela, Kastel Gomilica

Marina Kastela – the closest marina to Split airport, only 5 km away. Marina Kastela is situated in the central part of the Croatian coast in Kaštela, between Split and Kastela, in the beautiful and protected Kastela bay. The marina is still under construction. The total accommodation capacity will be finally 400 in water and 200 on land.

To arrive into the marina, one must first enter the bay of Kastela, navigating between Cape Ciovo (fire light visible: BBI(2)6s9m7M) and Cape Marjan (fire light visible: ZBI3s8m4M), where there is an Institute for Sea Biology and Oceanography. The travel way leads you so that one green fire light signal buoy, which is anchored to approx. 500 m north of the coastal fire light at the Cape Marjan, must be passed from left site, because the navigation between coast and green fire light signal buoy is not permitted. After continuous course of 18° you reach our Marina. Pay attention to the shallow Galija, which is rule-fairly marked by a signal object for the navigation. Make sure to navigate on the left side of the shallow water. While entering the marina from the west side you will notice a green fire light placed on the break water. The speed is set on 2 Kn in the Marina. The water depths are between 2.5 and 10 m. Incoming yachts will be instructed for a free berth place by the marina employees. You are able to tie your yacht on both sides of the break water.

Marina Kaštela is one of the newest marinas in Croatia, situated on South-East shores of Kaštela bay shielded by Kozjak mountain from the North while Marjan and Čiovo peninsula guard its southern sea approach.


About Kastela

The bay of Kastela is the largest bay in the mid-Dalmatian area. It has a long stretched form in the length of 8 NM. To the west the bay borders with the channel of Kastela, and to the east with the industrial area of Split and an island, on which Vranjic - a town also called small Venice is placed.

Its outstanding geographical position in mid Adriatic, as well as expert project design and implementation makes our marina: safe harbor for private and charter operated yachts, pleasant place to spend your holidays, enjoying its mild Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summers & wet and mild winters along the coast, connected to our neighboring cities by network of state roads and highways, connected with all European countries by railroad, bus and ferry terminals in vicinity, connected worldwide with international Split Airport situated only 7km away, close to mid-Adriatic islands providing natural protection and at the same time rich, nautical infrastructure, close to Split and Kastela representing adequate administrative, economic, cultural and historic background.

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