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An awesome model to charter in Croatia!

Once upon a time, there was this famous model Lagoon 500 She was a benchmark in style, comfort, and performance.

A new era in the design of cruising catamarans begins with Lagoon 500's younger sister, Lagoon 52.

It was a hype when Lagoon 52 showed up, and it still is, when you dock in some popular town, just chilling on your deck of a chartered Lagoon 52¸, people slowly strolling by, checking out your boat, with the corner of their eye. You take a sip of your favorite drink and feel life is good. You know that feeling, right? If you don't than definitely come and sail one week in Croatia. Go! Charter some yacht or a catamaran with Danielis Yachting, book your flights and go!


Nowadays, Lagoon 52 presents a standard in luxury and comfort of a luxurious sailing holiday.

The first thing that catches your eye is bows shaped in a diamond which gives it a modern, futuristic taste and also somehow produces a feeling of speed along with fly-looking and lifted deckhouse, higher rig and descended hulls.

The decision to move the mast further aft towards the stern ads to an impressive performance potential enabling a wide possibility of sails combinations according to each one’s program.

This fresh design is the result of cooperation between Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost (VPLP), Nauta Design and Lagoon's architectural department. Lagoon's statement on their web site says they had to do a lot of rigid design choices, but never cut on sailing performance.

These are some statements about the production of the Lagoon 52 model from the designers themselves:

'For the last ten years, we have gradually been moving the masts on our racing boats further aft, thus centering the weight more evenly and improving the performance of the sail plan. The 52 is one of the first cruising catamarans to benefit from this development.'



'Our main objective has been to improve the use of space, providing sober, bright and comfortable living spaces, to suggest the “just like home” feeling for the owner and for the guests on board. The use of continuous horizontal lines without interruption gives the interior more fluent and harmonious open spaces.'




Softly tuned interior with noble and luxurious materials, open spaces and a feeling of clarity and softness between the outer spaces, bounded, but not limited by clear horizontal elegance.

It's a big boat, but those elegant lines mask its size and bring it to the continuity of contemporary life, giving it a strong character.



On the stern, there are two communication stairways. Coming in and out of the boat is performed through these two large and wide communication platforms. Wide side decks, with hatches. Hatches are beautifully enclosed into looks of this fancy boat. They are of dark shade and with a completely modern and new design.

Saloon and the cockpit are in the same height, so they are leveled. You can take some sun on the right side of the cockpit. In the Lagoon 52 F (Flybridge) version you can reach the flybridge area from the left or from the right (starboard) side. There are stairs to take you up on both sides. The steering wheel on the flybridge can be moved a bit to the left or to the right, giving the skipper better visibility in maneuvers.

Deck layout includes in Transom: hot/cold deck shower on starboard, removable swim ladder, and handrail on starboard and portside.

Aft cockpit includes large cockpit usable as a deck salon, protected by a flybridge in F models, cockpit flush into the salon, anti-skid composite cockpit floor, U bench on starboard with storage locker, removable polyester cockpit table an exchangeable with the saloon table.



This Lagoon 52 along with smaller Lagoon 39 model, and later Lagoon 40 Motoryacht and the others, make the first step in this new fresh design by Lagoon, which will probably have the effect on the whole catamaran industry.

What is new with rigging? Well, a new thing is the movement of the must further back. Yes, this way you have a smaller mainsail, but, you have a wider choice of sails in the front. In charter versions of this boat, it gives you bigger genova. Catamarans are meant to sail more downwind anyways, right?

As the must went more to the stern, it needed some support, as the main stronghold at the head of the saloon roof could be no longer used as a support. Lagoon reinvented, and they introduced a hidden reinforced grid along with a big strong compression pillar in the middle of the boat.

The Lagoon company says that the decision of moving the must more aft comes from racing experience. The bigger front triangle gives you more options on the front sail. Other than that, of course, that the smaller size, due to a shorter boom, had to be compensated by a higher must. It also makes mainsail with a short boom easier to it's a great decision for a charter boat. Mainsail gets stronger blows on the top and centers the weight in a better way.

Although it has a moderate sail area and not such a big displacement, it gives you good speed on sails. This is due to a new design. Higher must have only one disadvantage and that is going under the bridge.



A large and comfortable pretty saloon communicates well with other parts of the living area of this catamaran... light and warm colors inside. You feel softness and elegance. A nice thing about Lagoon catamarans is that they are also made for tall people. Lagoons are known to have a satisfactory height in their indoor spaces, saloons, as well as cabins and showers.

When you enter the saloon area, right in front, of course, is the chart table (skipper's table) with a panoramic view facing the sea. On the left side is the U shaped galley equipped with plenty of storage and a big space to work on. Lounge and dining table are on the right side. The large glass sliding door enables clean wholeness of the living area aboard this Lagoon 52. Furniture finish is the Alps looking style in all models. We find it beautiful.

One more thing about this catamaran is nice, and that is the size of crew cabins. It looks as if they can really sleep inside :). The crew is really important. You know the saying: 'Happy crew makes a happy guest.'

Now, this catamarans comes in different versions considering the rooms and beds. First, it comes in 3 cabin owner version. Then, it comes in 4 cabin version. Afterward, it comes in 5 and 6 cabin versions inside. In 3 and 4 cabin versions all the cabins have double beds. In 6 cabin version, it can have some bunk bed cabin sometimes. You should thoroughly check the sleeping arrangement in case of chartering Lagoon 52 in Croatia or Greece. There are many versions on the charter market!

All the sleeping cabins have windows. Main double bed cabins have a fixed light through the hull and deck windows, which helps ventilation. Overall, it's a great boat, and it enables it's the owner a wide choice of cabin sets, as well as other, custom, made options. Let's say it's the most economic charter option of having a feeling you're on a superyacht.



The first model that entered the market is Lagoon 52F (Flybridge). Of course, back then it was called just Lagoon 52. Then a few years afterward, Lagoon brings Lagoon 52S (SporTop). Some say S stands for 'same', but it's not quite like that.

SporTop model does not have a flybridge. It has a steering wheel and equipment on the side of the boat, similar to smaller models like Lagoon 400 for example. Why did they go and produce that, we are not sure? Some owner versions are more likely to choose this kind of boat. But, we think you will agree, Lagoon catamarans nowadays are more charter boats than private owner's cup of tea.

There are only a few Lagoons 52 S available for charter in Croatia and Greece. Flybridge is the most wanted and represented model in a charter, where all the sailing action takes place one floor above the water.


Length over all: 15.85 m / 52'
Beam: 8.60 m / 28'3''
Draft: 1.50 m / 4'11''
Mast clearance: 27.66 m / 90'9''
Light displacement (EEC): 22.497 t / 49,606 Lbs
Sail area: 156 m² / 1,679 sq.ft
Full-batten mainsail: 97 m² / 1,044 sq.ft
Square top mainsail (opt.): 107 m² / 1,151 sq.ft
Selftacking jib: 59 m² / 635 sq.ft
Asymetrical spinnaker (opt.): 255 m² / 2,744 sq.ft
Code 0 (opt.): 152 m² / 1,636 sq.ft
Engine (std): 2 x 57 CV / 2 x 57 HP
Fuel capacity: 2 x 496 l / 2 x 131 US gal
Fresh water capacity: 4 x 240 l / 4 x 63 US gal
No. Of berths: 6 à 14 / 6 to 14
EC certification: A :14 ; B :14 ; C : 16 ; D: 30


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