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Lagoon Seventy 7 – made to impress

Lagoon presented its new flagship at the last Cannes Yachting Festival 2016 - Lagoon Seventy 7, an exceptional unit in many ways. This symbol of French know-how and luxury, from Bordeaux shipyard, aims to make a lasting impression on the world of luxury catamarans. It is their largest sailing multihull built to promote refinement and to adapt to customer tastes. This boat is now available for charter on Croatian coast!

Lagoon Seventy 7 is more than 23 meters long and it marks a milestone for Lagoon towards a world where luxury and elegance are the keywords. The team that has been working on this project consists of the greatest in its field: VPLP (architects), Patrick Le Quément (exterior design) and Nauta Design (interior design). All have worked to offer a catamaran where harmony reigns between indoor and outdoor living spaces, where compromises do not exist, where innovation is at the service of comfort and life at sea.

The design purpose of this twenty-three-meter long catamaran was simple - to create an elegant grand yacht with a family spirit designed primarily for private owners to provide a special treatment and a sense of spaciousness without leaving the unused space. And indeed, Lagoon has made a superstructure in the catamaran world. Based on the experience of working on the Lagoon 620, and the development of new technology options, Bruno Belmont, as a project manager, knew that the new model would have to be designed from the start: "When it was time to think about a larger yacht, after less than ten years, we knew that we cannot only enlarge the 620 model.” Patrick Le Quément was in charge of the design of the exterior, in close cooperation with naval architect Marco Van Peteghem. By increasing the size of the project and creating Lagoon Seventy 7, many opportunities for innovation have been opened up. Considering the size of the boat, the height of the hull was increased to ensure the interior spaciousness and the maritime capabilities expected of such a large catamaran. This increase also allowed the installation of a terrace on the right hull of the owner's cabin. When opened, the terrace has direct access to the sea, and when closed, it fits perfectly in the hull.


It is all about space

Lagoon Seventy 7 features free-flowing spaces from the aft deck through to the saloon, multiple social and relaxation areas, sculptural lines and luxurious details.

For Lagoon, more space rhymes with freedom. Freedom to come and go, to move at leisure from the rear cockpit to the sumptuous saloon. Freedom to reach the front from the private lounge, but also freedom of access to the sea from the owner's cabin through the balcony opening on the plating. As a result of extensive collaboration between VPLP and Nauta Design, special attention has been paid to the various connections, from the back to the front of the ship, in order to focus on fluidity, consistency, and elegance of the organization of space. This optimized arrangement, combined with an increased surface, should allow proposing a boat that gives pride to the intimacy, but without neglecting the conviviality, element equally essential for successful holidays.

Space, well thought by Nauta Design, allows evolving without realizing that one is on a boat. After more than 4,000 units built, Lagoon takes the turn of superyachts, like its sister ship, CNB, which has made its 76 feet a bestseller. But, unlike a monohull, the advantage of a catamaran is to multiply the space. In order to make sense of this project and not just build a catamaran maxi version, Lagoon has strived to surprise us, even to make us dream.


Aesthetically, the curves of Seventy 7, bow to stern and flybridge trim, are elegant and contemporary. Each line is integrated into the whole without dissonance. The large hull portholes let light into the interior spaces, the forward cockpit is directly accessible from the saloon, and the gigantic flybridge offers an impressive surface to live. Not to mention the huge back beach.

The lounge offers a dining area on the port side and a lounge area on the starboard side. The large windows and the exceptional headroom provide a superb panoramic view. On the port side, a first modular space makes it possible to transform the passage zone into a desk area. The cockpit, equipped with two navigation screens, allows one to monitor the boat's status, access main controls and navigate safely at night or in bad weather. On the starboard side, two welcoming sofas create a cozy living room creating a more confidential space. The main advantage of this space is its privileged and direct access to the forward cockpit.

The cockpit offers a beautiful view of the horizon and it is the perfect place to watch the sunsets at anchor or crossing. Thus, from the back to the front trampoline, all spaces are connected and become one. The Seventy 7 offers an extraordinary living space.

The particularity of this new Lagoon lies in the creation of a real living space dedicated to the owner, independent of the rest of the ship. When located at the front of the boat, the owner suite benefits from the lounge space that can be privatized and it offers a living space on two levels, one on the main deck and one in the hull. The cabin is unique with direct and private access from the saloon to the cockpit and the forward deck. Two essential spaces complete this owner suite, a real dressing room, and a large bathroom.

The icing on the cake of this owner suite, and for the first time on a sailboat, is the access to the sea through a platform. The hydraulic technology allows, safely, to open the cabin on the outside. This private platform creates a private beach overlooking the sea with direct access to water and a unique view of the horizon. A magical place to enjoy the sea! The size and weight of the door, in addition to its location in such a sensitive area of a catamaran, was a challenge for the engineers.


Lagoon Seventy 7 is available in several versions with 3, 4 or 5 guest cabins, each with an island bed, an office, plenty of storage space and a private ensuite bathroom. As for the area reserved for the crew, it can be placed in the back or the front of the boat according to the chosen version.

For the most demanding, it is also possible to arrange Lagoon Seventy 7 according to your wishes, with 25 m2 of fully configurable space that can be used as a meeting room or additional workspace, games room, guest room, massage room, cinema room…the choices are vast. In this case, the kitchen and the crew quarters must be located at the front, since this customizable space is that of the rear part of the hull.

Having the kitchen and crew area in the bow, there are a couple of layout possibilities:

3 cabins version: owner's suite, 2 VIP rooms
3 cabins version: owner's suite with private beach, 2 VIP rooms
4 cabins version: 2 VIP rooms, 2 guest rooms
4 cabins version: owner's room, 1 VIP room, 2 guest rooms
4 cabins version: owner's room with private beach, 1 VIP room, 2 guest rooms

Electronic equipment

Seventy 7 can be equipped with a single electronic device that controls the entire management system of the catamaran. This control system allows constant monitoring and diagnostics of any problems, as well as the constant verification of the electronic system of the catamaran sending various notices.

The system was conceived as a combination of conventional technology based on the electricity grid and digital technology through screens positioned on the flybridge, chart table, kitchen area, and Wi-Fi tablet.

Engine options

It is possible to choose between two types of motorization:

VOLVO D4 - 180 HP (2x80 Ah 24V)

Motor power kW (HP) 132 kW (180 HP)
Engine speed 2800 rpm
Dry weight 546 kg (1204 lb)
JOHN DEER N5.230 HP (2x150 Ah 24V)

Motor power kW (HP) 168 kW (228 HP)
Engine speed 2600 rpm
Dry weight 578 kg (1274 lb)

The Seventy 7 benefits from the advantages of positioning the rigging and the aft maneuvers, now adopted on the entire Lagoon range to the benefit of both performance and ease of maneuver, particularly important on large units. The sails are obviously customizable in terms of materials and design.

If the Seventy 7 was a gateway to the prestige world "Seventy" created by Lagoon, it was just a beginning, since they also made a new motor yacht model called Seventy 8.

Technical specifications

LOA: 23.28m / 76'4"

Beam: 11.00m / 36'1''

Draft: 1.90m / 6'30''

Mast clearance: 37.10m / 121'9''

Displacement: 61.663 t / 135,967 Lbs

Sail area: 335 m² / 3,609 sq.ft

Full-batten mainsail (opt.): 192 m² / 2,066 sq.ft

Square top mainsail (opt.): 207 m² / 2,207 sq.ft

Furling genoa (opt.): 130.4 m² / 1,403 sq.ft

Furling staysail (opt.): 75.67 m² / 814 sq.ft

Asymmetrical spinnaker (opt.): 448 m² / 4,820 sq.ft

Code 0 (opt.): 208 m² / 2,238 sq.ft

Fuel capacity: 2800 l / 740 US gal

Fresh water capacity: 2 x 800 l / 2 x 211 US gal

Gray water capacity: 2 x 300 l / 2 x 79 US gal

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