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SUNREEF YACHTS – The story of large, customized, and truly LUXURY catamarans

An awesome model to charter in Croatia!

2003. Sunreef Yachts launched the world's first 74 feet large, luxury oceangoing catamaran having a flybridge. It was the beginning of a new era in the philosophy of catamaran design.

If we are talking about the history of Sunreef construction – we need to go back to the year 2008 when Sunreef and its designer Laurent Bourgnon launched one of the world’s first double deck power catamaran with an oceanic range - 70 Sunreef Power JAMBO. What was JAMBO to power catamarans, that was Sunreef 102 Ipharra to the superyachts, titled as the finalist od Showboat Design Award in 2011. Then comes the 114 Che – finalists of the World Superyacht Awards in the same year.

Over the years, so many awards have gathered in various categories of catamarans, it is difficult to find one where Sunreef did not shine as a finalist or a winner.

Among the sailing catamarans today we have the Sunreef 50, Sunreef 60, Sunreef 70, Sunreef 80, Sunreef 100 (the new model), Sunreef 43M (140) also the new model, as well as it, is the Sunreef MM460 CAT.

The range of power catamarans goes from 40 OPEN Sunreef Power to 55, 60, 70, 80, 100, 40M, 49M, and 50M, all through the Sunreef Supreme 68, 70, and 100. One of a kind is certainly 210 Sunreef Power Trimaran – the avant-garde mega yacht design that reaches a living area of 1000m2.

The man behind all these boats is the Sunreef Yachts’ Founder and President Francis Lapp, a man who works even today 12-14hours a day to deliver all his ideas into reality.

Luxury yachting from its GREEN side

Dedicated work of Sunreef’s owner has been bringing news to the world of the catamaran industry for more than two decades. And he doesn’t stop! Because his ECO-friendly catamarans have brought light to sustainable eco cruising.

Silence and comfort – NO VIBRATION, NO FUMES – complete silence is the utmost luxury on board. Responsible boating leaves no trace and generates power and fresh water without pollution. Integrated solar panels, high-performance green propulsion, Lithium battery bank, hi-tech water maker and purification system, and highly efficient DC air conditioning.

Sunreef Yacht’s Eco catamarans can use green composite, based on basalt and linen fiber for yacht furniture. Interior floors can feature reclaimed teak salvaged from old houses or boats. Also, paper-based materials can be used for countertops to obtain weight-efficient, solid, and scratch-proof surfaces. Sustainable yacht décor uses fine eco-responsible materials without any compromise on luxury.

The Sunreef yachts ECO range:

and of course, its POWER ECO range spread to

'Our main objective has been to improve the use of space, providing sober, bright, and comfortable living spaces, to suggest the “just like home” feeling for the owner and for the guests on board. The use of continuous horizontal lines without interruption gives the interior more fluent and harmonious open spaces.'

SUNREEF 50 Sailing Catamaran – the biggest 50-footer you will ever see!

As the title says, Sunreef 50 is the biggest 50-footer you can find. They have really taken their brand to the next level by having such a big range of big and massive catamarans, which deserve the word luxury in its full sense.

Even though it is their smallest version of a big cat, we couldn’t say that it lags behind its bigger “relatives”, it just has a superyacht quality in a compact semi-custom package. Ideal size for exclusive getaways or a charter, a yacht that can be handled by two experienced people on board, even without a crew. Sunreef has shown how to implement all and meet the most demanding requests for customization.


Architect and interior design: Sunreef Yachts
Length: 49’11” (15.2 m)
Beam: 29’10” (9.1 m)
Light displacement: 70,500 lbs (32 tonnes)
Draft: 4’11” (1.5 m)
Air draught: 77’5” (23.6 m)
Upwind sail area: 1,710 sq ft (159 m2)
Mainsail: 860 sq ft (80 m2)
Genoa: 850 sq ft (79 m2)
Cruising Speed: 10 knots
Max Speed: 11 knots
Range: 2400 nautical miles
LOA: 50 ft
Beam: 30 ft
Gennaker: 1,505 sq ft (140 m2)
Spinnaker: 2,150 sq ft (200 m2)
Fuel capacity: 1,000 l
Water capacity: 800 l
Engines: 2 x 80 hp
EC certification: A :14 ; B :14 ; C : 16 ; D: 30

When stepping on Sunreef 50, first you will find is optional Passarella, and through there, you come up to the first two mechanical spaces. There are a couple of different engine packages for the boat. The boat is equipped with upgraded Yanmar engines. All the hatches are flush-mounted hatches.

The main deck salon is surprisingly roomy. It includes the entire dining space and a fully equipped galley. Most importantly, it opens wide onto the aft cockpit, for more dining and lounging experience. The doors packed all the way to starboard and the porch created just like a nice zero-threshold entryway from the salon.

The stern cockpit also features a fully equipped wet bar, plenty of large storage, and a great hydraulic aft platform (gangway), which is really an extension of the entire cockpit. Access from the salon to a bow terrace, offers large sun pads, a big split trampoline, and a space that feels more like a 60ft catamaran than a 50ft one. Underneath the sun pads is access to a forepeak. Worth pointing out is that all the furling lines are captive, so they run below the deck, and they keep everything nice and clean, and all the sail control lines are also rigged in a manner. They don’t interfere with anyone on the deck. A couple of steps bring you up to the famous flybridge with an L-shaped settee with a table that falls out and in the home seat which can either be down in or flipped up to use as a bolster. From there it is very good visibility forward, as well as to the starboard aft corner of the boat. There is also a stern camera facing the porch corner of the boat, so you have visibility on all four corners. All the sail control lines run to the four Harken electric winches, making this boat a very easy boat to sail, even shorthanded.

Sunreef 60 – A game-changing yacht in 60-70ft luxury catamaran range

She made a world debut at a Cannes yachting festival in 2018. They had a hole number 1 on display in the show.

A lot of professional opinions say that the Sunreef 60 represents the best value for money you can get for such a significantly larger fitted out catamaran in that 60 to 70 ft range.


Construction Composite
Length 18.3 m / 60 Ft
Maximum beam 10.2 m / 33.5 Ft
Engines 2 x 75 HP - 2 x 110 HP
Fuel capacity 1000 l (264.17 US gal) - 1750 l (462.3 US gal)
Water capacity 800 l (211.34 US gal)
Mainsail 95 m² / 1022.57 Ft²
Genoa 85 m² / 914.93 Ft²
Living space 225 m² / 2421.88 Ft²
Category A
Sunreef Yachts Naval architecture
Design Sunreef Yachts

When coming up to the fore cockpit through a water repellent door, that we are finding on all the new and larger Sunreefs, you will realize that it is an absolute charter beast with nice sun pads on each side of the boat, split trampoline with a bow split, a large lounge bed and a sitting area that is located on a lower level, yet in the same space, where you can enjoy a lot of privacy if you need it, or you can sit down with friends and chat, while at the same time, you don't bother others who may be sunbathing. Doors to the fore cockpit that we are finding on all the new and larger Sunreefs are just amazing, giving us a sense of luxury and admiration of how design can make us feel like we are in another world.

If you come from the deck of the boat, you got a huge sunbathing platform, a hydraulic one, that can be either down on the same level as the sugar scoops or you can put the platform up to make the aft cockpit even larger.

All the furniture in the aft cockpit can be removed and reconfigured if you need a bigger space for some party or just for a yoga session. On the starboard side, you can find a lounge bed that is used as a day bed. Also, you can find a fridge, ice maker, a wet bar in general, and access to the crew area. Zero threshold transition from the aft cockpit into the main salon is one of the main features in order to give the impression of internal and external space that fuses into one huge open space.

Regarding the interior space design, they wanted to split the area for the relaxation and the galley area, but at the same time keep one fluid space that feels like you have different zones in one big area. Because of such airflow through the interior space, from the bow terrace through the main salon, and all through the aft cockpit area, you don’t have to use much air conditioning.

There are two master rooms with two large bathrooms and one guest room together with two crew cabins. This layout is just one among many others you can get from Sunreef. Master cabins have a nice king-size bed, storage underneath a huge hanging locker on each side, and a pocket door that leads you to the big bathroom with three vertical windows, which is a signature design of the Sunreef. Basically, everything inside feels like a luxury hotel space.

The main helm station situated on the famous Flybridge has a Raymarine autopilot with bow thruster controller, it has performer sails and some modifications that give Sunreef’s 60ft catamarans faster sail speed than it is on other 60ft-ers.

Great visibility from the helm station with the help of a camera gives you a view on all four sides of the boat. Very nice Bimini, barbecue area, and nice little lounging area are guests’ favorite places to be. A highly adjustable big table can be lowered down to the level of the sitting and can be turned into a huge day bed. When you are sailing, everything can be controlled from the flybridge, which provides you a great time savings with a feeling of greater comfort that enables the entire experience of a fusion of great design and luxury.

Sunreef 70 Power

As you approach Sunreef 70 Power, the first thing you notice is how impressive it is in the water with her 50-inch bridge deck clearance, 9-foot hulls and the refined quality which Sunreef is known for. They are tailor-made to travel the world's oceans. When approaching its stern, you'll notices a hydraulic platform that can hold a 17-foot tender. Once the tender is deployed, that platform doubles as an area for children or adults to lay out with their feet in the water. Its generous sugar scoop brings you to the aft entertainment area, one of four distinct entertainment areas on board, where you'll find an outdoor fridge, ice maker, wet bar, and smart filtered water system, as well as the teak dining table for 10, which is the most popular of the dining options on board.

If we are talking about the benefits of this large boat, and all boats of its size are the 10 ample storage lazarettes. Aft cockpit brings us to the beautiful interior salon with pocket doors that open the full width of the salon and that way it creates a seamless indoor-outdoor entertainment space. Sunreef installed a brilliant hydraulic door forward of the salon, which creates a flow between the aft and bow cockpit when left open, which also has a secondary function of creating a much-welcomed cross breeze.

Given how custom each Sunreef can be, 70 Power did a brilliant job of optimizing space for entertainment. Aft of the portside dining table with 32-bottle wine cooler on the side. Forward is a beautifully designed liquor cabinet with hanging glassware and a 55-inch TV that lives out of sight when not needed, but with the push of a button comes up and lives on a swivel, meaning whether you're eating at her marble table setup for 10-person formal dining or you're lounging in luxury, you don't miss one moment of the big game. Forward of the central bar is an espresso station, mini fridge, wet bar, and additional storage.

Her navigation station comes equipped with two 16-inch Raymarine multi-function displays. Two Kohler generator controls autopilot and engine throttles for its twin 225 horsepower John Deere engines. All this means it can be easily handled from below in inclement weather.

Most common is a five-stateroom, five-head layout, meaning every person on board has a similarly generous cabin. The signature sunroof, vertical-style windows, and low-lying queen beds only serve to make the cabin feel much larger. Each stateroom has ample closet space and beautiful ensuite heads. Moving forward to the bow you'll find a clean deck with a dual windlass tucked away beneath the deck hatch for both safety and comfort.

Anyone who's owned a traditional motor yacht or a monohull sailboat for that matter knows they've dreamed of a bow like this, having enough space for six people to be lounging on sun pads while having room for another eight to sit down comfortably with a cocktail. Her split trampolines are usually a favorite place to lay out whether you're watching the stars at night or enjoying a nice breeze and an ever-so-light ocean spray while underway, it's an experience only a catamaran can offer. The real reason people love Sunreef 70 Power or any other Sunreef for that matter is their best-in-class flybridge, being almost 16 feet above water level, means not only an amazing breeze but also safer passages with true 360-degree helm views that extend almost six miles to the horizon. 520 square feet of liveable space upstairs means the boat is almost double the size of any other 70-foot catamaran flybridge in the market, but more importantly, it means you don't have to choose between dance, yoga, games, tanning, or grilling. It can handle them all at the same time.


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