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Nobody was expecting Lagoon to lunch a new model that would replace one of its best-selling models. But here it is Lagoon 51 is the successor to Lagoon 50. Why change the successful formula (more than 200 models sold worldwide)? What does the newly added 30cm (1feet) in length bring to the table, we are about to dig in and find out about this new generation of Lagoons to come.

The 50ft segment is a very popular one and is an area in which Lagoon has traditionally dominated. To replace the fabulous Lagoon 50 is a big deal. With over 200 on the water, Lagoon catamarans has taken on board all of the owner and dealer feedback and put it into the mix to produce this incredible new 51.” – John Cowpe TMG MD.

With the new model, they have addressed all the things that kept holding Lagoon 50 from competing with comfort, functionality, fluid circulation for board-crew, accessibility, and pleasurable ride of the catamarans in the bigger leagues.

Not to say that they have also made it clear that they are eco-responsible. They made this catamaran eco-friendlier. This is a strong statement, made by acquiring ISO 14001 certified badge. Which is a certification relative to the eco-responsibility of an industrial group. Making it a more aware, environmentally sensible, and unique player in order to stand out from the vast market in order to become a game-changing player by steering its company toward a greener future.

Regarding its exterior design, they designed it to stand out on the sea. When one looks at the exterior of the catamaran its beautiful lines and attention to detail give it a somehow peaceful yet strong figure in the sea not to be taken lightly and fragile. Leaving you with the feeling of impelling self-confidence, safety, and peaceful mind.

Nevertheless, Mario Pedol, a co-founder with Massimo Gino of the famous Italian design studio, explains: "We favor continuous horizontal lines, so as to emphasize the perception of more harmonious and fluid open spaces, in which geometric precision blends with warm materials."


Newly added length of 30cm (1feet) increases its length from 14.75m of the old Lagoon 50 to 15.35m of the new Lagoon. This affects in the increase the offer of space and comfort aboard Lagoon 51, therefore making it much more pleasurable and easier to move around the catamaran both outside and inside. Not to mentions that it adds more volume leaving more space inside, therefore it is more species inside both in the cabins and saloon.


Just as you board the Lagoon 51 you will notice wide transoms. They provide safe entrance on and off the ship, whether it is to step on the dock or to board the dingy. The platforms provide a full-beam platform by the sea when the tender lift is lowered, thus making it a balcony by the sea. Also, it is easier to access the sea and go for a swim. From the 2 transoms up, you enter the cockpit area with two small low in high steps. In the cockpit there is an aft sofa, to the port side is a sofa and a foldable table on the starboard side is a wet station with a sink, 80l fridge small storage. Also, two spotlights for you to enjoy your time during dinner or playing board games in port or at mooring.


One thing that has seen much improvement due to its longer length is the flybridge.

The big improvement is obvious on the fly, compared to previous models of similar size. Sunbathing areas with mattresses occupy 80% of the upper area. The seating area with the foldable table is added compared to Lagoon 50.

Sofas are comfortable and provide for you and your companions a very nice place to engage in conversation, share stories and enjoy your stay by just relaxing. They are adjustable backrests in graphite and the cover for the helm station is in dark grey adjacent is the captain's helm where the modular seating makes it possible to be alone or with others. Furthermore, headroom allows to safely move during sailing. From there it is possible to navigate the ship and it is very convenient during anchoring. At hand reach is a rig station for the helmsman, meaning that the guest can walk around without disturbing. The rig station is equipped with all-electric winches and Harken line feed making it easier for you to maneuver and quick response to any given situation. Nonetheless at your disposal are all the electrical required instruments.

On each side of the flybridge is two stairs both could be you by guest and helmsman. These two access gives better fluid circulation with all the living spaces of the catamaran as mentioned above.


If your friends and/or family occupy the flybridge, cockpit, or saloon and you are looking for a little bit part of solitude for yourself to ride the book or simply enjoy the view walk along the wide side deck to reach the foredeck. It is well designed with a C-shaped lounge and its integrated sun pads. Amenities such as cupholders, coffee tables, and a large shade sail. This makes it a perfect place to spend your time in the middle of the day, just lay back and enjoy every moment of your vacation. Best of all is that if you need to refill your cup the forward window can be manually opened so that drinks can be passed to you directly through the window.


From the cockpit onward we step inside the spacious saloon through slide doors that invite you to hang out in it. Usually, the saloon is ignored, and everybody hangs out in the cockpit or the flybridge, unless its bad weather, but with its fresh and elegant design, 360 vertical windows that encompass the saloon, and its new wood finishing “Alpi sand oak” simply lightens up the whole space making it cozier and more welcome. Its nice interior layout makes it easy to move and have a pleasant meal or hang out around the table.

The galley is between the L-shaped sitting area and the cockpit. It is divided into two parts one being the cooking area with stove and sink to port and two refrigerator drawers to starboard. Due to the well-designed cooking space preparation of food and drink can easily be done by two people simultaneously without anyone bumping into one another. There is additional space in the sitting area for your to store all the required supplies for your trip.

"When we draw the interior of a Lagoon, we aim to optimize the layout of the space, while retaining a sober, luminous and comfortable atmosphere." Mario Pedol, co-founder with Massimo Gino of the famous Italian design studio, explains. "We favor continuous horizontal lines, so as to emphasize the perception of more harmonious and fluid open spaces, in which geometric precision blends with warm materials."


With this particular model they decided to move the company’s approach regarding the usage of the material in building their craft in a new direction. They accomplished this by taking into consideration more eco-responsible technical choices. Therefore, this is the first mass-produced catamaran with such technology being implemented. Furthermore, they used hemp composite panels which they managed to apply on the vassal, as well used bio-sourced resins. Also, the cushions are made of fabrics from recycled materials, something the automotive industry uses when developing its vehicles. Finally, the Alpi wood used in the boat's furnishings is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council).


Cabins are situated in the lower deck part. Designed as a large walk-in wardrobe with many storage options, closets, lockers behind closets, and drawers where you can easily unpack your belongings. The cabin's backside has a sliding door that provides privacy for the cabin which also has an integrated magazine rack, so no space is wasted. All around are fixed hull ports with opening insets and plenty of overhead windows so the whole suite bath is in light with its spaces volume providing a fresh feeling as if it is not at all on the lower deck of the catamaran. Usually, the setup for charters is a four-cabin layout, with two cabins on the stern and with two on the bow. Each cabin has its own toilet. Giving everybody their own privacy when retreating to their cabin.


The Seanapps application and its smart box simplify your boat’s management and maintenance. The Lagoon 51 will be the very first Lagoon catamaran equipped with this technology.

Whether you want to check your fuel and battery charge levels, or scheduled maintenance operations, Seanapps helps you streamline and safeguard your boat’s maintenance requirements simply and easily.


Lagoon is a world leader in the sector since 2003 and is proud to count over 6000 boats built to date. This leadership is also based on strong partnerships with the renowned designer NAUTA Design (interior design), Patrick le Quément (exterior design), or VPLP design (naval architects whose achievements in designing multihulls are unequaled).


Length overall 15,35 m / 50’4’’
Beam 8,10 m / 26’7’’
Draft 1,38 m / 4’6’’
Mast clearance 23,53 m / 77’2’’
Light displacement (EEC) 19.914 T / 43,910 Lbs
Upwind sail area (std mainsail) 150 m² / 1,615 sq.ft.
Upwind sail area (square top mainsail) 153 m² / 1,647 sq.ft.
Full-batten mainsail 97 m² / 1,044 sq.ft.
Square top mainsail (opt.) 100 m² / 1,076 sq.ft.
Genoa 53 m² / 570 sq.ft.
Code 0 (option) 101 m² / 1,087 sq.ft.
Fuel capacity 2 x 520 L / 2 x 137 US gal
Fresh water capacity 830 L (219 US gal)
Engines 2 x 80 HP
Number of berths 6 to 14
CE certification A12 / B14 / C20 / D30


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