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Last year revealed a very nice surprise for all lovers of Lagoon catamarans: a brand new Lagoon 50. All those who were in love with the Lagoon 450, because of space and comfort she offers, will definitely appreciate this new model, which is described as 'the most open-minded catamaran on the market'.


This can be interpreted in many ways, especially if you compare this boat to her older 50 ft version, Lagoon 500. The Lagoon 50 offers nice comfortable areas for socializing, in the same way as other Lagoon models, but she also has interesting new features that make life on board very simple and enjoyable. By her size, it is a perfect compromise between the very popular 450 feet and larger 52 feet models. Smaller than Lagoon 52, she is more maneuverable, but she doesn't lack her space and comfort. There are lounge areas both astern and forward, large enough for the whole group to hang out, but also the flybridge area offers the space to gather. When compared to the older model of the same size, it is obvious that space is much better used in the new model.


This new model comes in different variations: owner's version with 3 cabins is probably the most comfortable for a family vacation, but the most popular versions in the charter are those with 4, 5 and 6 double cabins.





The most exciting thing about sailing is that you can spend literally all day outdoors. Even the hottest hours of the day are more enjoyable when you feel the gentle breeze on your skin while sitting in the comfortable cockpit, protected from the sun. It is even better when you can enjoy the summer vibes all together, but you don't have to squeeze – and this is exactly what Lagoon 50 can offer you. Her large cockpit provides enough space so that everyone can relax on the ample sofas around the table. Even better – there is a sink and an additional fridge in the cockpit. The cockpit provides enough space for everyone to chill out and enjoy gazing at the horizon, but what if you decide that you don't want to have meals confined indoors? The Lagoon 50 offers this possibility as well. You can simply unfold the cockpit table and serve your dinner outside.


One of the interesting innovations of this model is also a foldable platform on the stern of the boat that can carry a dinghy, but it can also be used as a bathing platform. Imagine yourself anchored in an isolated cove, enjoying the sun and waves stretched over the crystal clear water!



But the cockpit is not the only place where you can relax and have fun aboard a catamaran. The space on the bow of this catamaran is also very well used. While the cockpit area on the stern provides shadow, the bow of the boat is intended for sunbathing during the day, or for private cocktail parties in the evening. The designers of the Lagoon 50 kept the net between the hulls, which is probably the most thrilling feature of the catamarans Lagoon, but they extended a lounge area in the front as well. The cockpit is excellent when you are hidden from the views somewhere in a remote bay, but you may feel too exposed when you are moored in the marina. But this way, you can simply move to the aft and enjoy privacy even when you're docked.



Except for the cockpit, the best open area of each larger catamaran is probably the flybridge or skipper’s helm station, because it offers the impressive view of the sea. On Lagoon 50 this area is also extended, so the skipper can operate the boat, while the crew sunbathes in sitting or laying arrangements on comfortable cushions behind him. The flybridge is accessed via two sets of steps — to port from the cockpit and to starboard from the side deck.


If you compare the exterior of this model with the exterior of Lagoon 500, it seems like a much bigger boat – while in fact, the length of Lagoon 50 is 48,5 feet, a bit less than Lagoon 500. Maybe the biggest difference is in the flybridge of two boats. The Lagoon 500 was one of the first models that introduced the flybridge concept, the helm station with a post for the skipper. However, adding the flybridge with bimini required space for the boom, so the sails are also higher. On the other hand, the main boom on Lagoon 50 is shortened, which gives space for the larger flybridge. Therefore, these two models are the perfect example of the evolution of the flybridge.





When it comes to the innovation in the design of Lagoon 50, there is a considerable change in the layout of the kitchen and salon area. First of all, the sliding glass doors open the indoor area and connect it with the cockpit, so the whole space is more airy and bright. Entering the saloon, you find yourself in the kitchen, which is divided into two parts. To port, there is a sink, oven, and cooktop and to starboard – fridge, freezer, and counter. Right in the middle, there is a kitchen island that offers even more storage space and another countertop, but it also connects the kitchen with the living area. What is interesting is that the living area is raised a step higher, which offers a better view. A U-shaped couch with the table in the front is the central part of the saloon, another comfortable area for socializing. Another original and very clever feature that Lagoon 50 offers is the central table – with its foldable legs it can be put into two positions: upright, so it serves as a dining table or lower, so it rests on the island as a coffee table. Folded this way it creates more space to set cocktails or popcorns for the movie night. The central panoramic screen behind the couch is retractable, so the ventilation is excellent, but it also enables the interaction with the lounge area on the aft.



The hulls of the boat, same as in other Lagoon models, are intended for the cabins. The owner-version with the three-cabin layout is the most comfortable, as mentioned before. In this version, one hull carries two double bed cabins, while the other is reserved for a large double bed cabin, but also a big toilet with shower and even walk-in wardrobe. However, the same space can accommodate more people if owner-version cabin is divided into two. This way the boat can accommodate 8 people very comfortably. Moreover, the remarkable volume and comfort of the hulls offer even more possibilities, so the large storage space can be replaced with two additional double cabins, which creates space for even larger groups. Many windows on the hulls provide natural light and outstanding view. In each cabin there is an island bed in the middle with excellent storage space, hanging lockers and open bookcases.







As any sailing catamaran, the Lagoon 50 is equipped with both sails and engines. The standard equipment is two 57 hp Yanmar engines, but in accordance with new industry regulations, the engine room hatches now open up and aft, which is safer, as checking the diesel will now keep you in the cockpit and not out on the steps.


However, when it comes to her sailing performance, the Lagoon 50 is also very efficient and she has many advantages: the mast is positioned one step further aft, which enables smooth and balanced sailing performance; a boom of this boat is much shorter and therefore, easier to handle; a mainsail with a high aspect ratio, which enables the capture of better airflow in the upper parts of the sail.



LOA: 14.75m / 48'50"
Beam: 8.10m / 26'70''
Draft: 1.40m / 4'70''
Mast clearance: 26.51m / 87’
Displacement: 20.826 t/ 45913 lbs
Sail area: 158.1 m² / 1 701 sq.ft 
Full-batten mainsail (opt.): to be confirmed
Square top mainsail (opt.): 97,8 m² / 1 052 sq.ft
Furling genoa (opt.): 60,3 m² / 649 sq.ft
Asymmetrical spinnaker (opt.): 240 m² / 2 582 sq.ft
Code 0 (opt.): 114 m² / 1 227 sq.ft
Engine (std): 2 x 57 CV / 2 x 57 HP
Fuel capacity: 2 x 520 l / 2 x 137 US gal
Fresh water capacity: 2 x 240 l / 2 x 63 US gal


All in all, we can say that this brand new model Lagoon 50 is a confirmation of all concepts that characterize Lagoon models, but with many improvements. The designers kept all advantages of Lagoon design, such as comfort and space, which, in this case, are even more emphasized having in mind the size of the boat. However, the new features, for example folding tables in cockpit and salon, lounge area on the front, a retractable window in the salon, an innovative layout of the cockpit, bright and airy cabins, simplify the life on board and make it very enjoyable. The Lagoon 50 has it all – the modern, elegant design, open areas for socializing and, very important – home-like atmosphere. The Lagoon 50 won’t disappoint anyone in search for comfort and joy of sailing at the same time.


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