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Lagoon 42 was presented in 2016 at Cannes Boat Show. With this new model Lagoon brand wanted to offer a transition between Lagoon 400 S2 and Lagoon 450 F & S and replace the previous model - Lagoon 421. From what we have seen, Lagoon 42 indeed has style and personality, maintaining the characteristics and the Lagoon's state-of-the-art features.

The predecessor model (the 420) served more as an experiment, but the idea to create a hybrid catamaran was probably too avant-garde in view of the technical availability of the moment, and not compatible with the goal of a versatile multihull. True to be told, this attempt did not meet the expected success. Time has passed since 2006; the engines have evolved favorably (consumption, silence, reliability, an absence of vibrations, cleanliness of operation); the materials of the sails, their design software and that of the rigging as well, without forgetting the contribution of the interior design and digital manufacturing assisted facilities.

The substitute of the 421, Lagoon 42, has a completely new design signed by Van Peter-hem-Lauriot Prévost. The exterior is work of Patrick Le Quément and the interior design of the Italian Nauta Design


With Lagoon 42 model, the shipyard continued the transition started after the arrival of Lagoon 39 and Lagoon 52, adopting the substantial change that defines the new models: the position of the mast and the new flybridge concept that was already presented with "S" version of the Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 52.

As a result, the new member of Lagoon family places the mast much further back than Lagoon 39, and for several reasons: it allows one to put a larger foretriangle and possibilities of choice of downwind sails. In addition to having a greater jib, it reduces the length of the boom, increases the area of the trapezoidal mainsail, which reduces turbulence, makes its management easier, and improves the sail making the boat more reactive. This also gives it a better acceleration which, together with a better centering of weights, helps to reduce the pitching. In addition, the fact of adopting a self-steering jib facilitates the maneuver when sailing with a partner or with only a few crew members.



There has also been a remarkable effort in the centering and weight reduction, thanks to better control of the furniture that is assembled outside and installed later, just before closing the roof, the construction of the superstructure of the bimini and the use of the sandwich balsa.


In addition to the position of the mast, the new steering position is, ergonomically, the most outstanding element that differentiates the Lagoon 42. The whole maneuver is concentrated there so that two people can take over the boat practically without moving from it except to handle the winches of the sheet of Code 0 that are in the bands of the cockpit. In addition, its new design allows direct circulation from the cockpit as well as from the stern to the net with great ease. From the cockpit, by means of an integrated staircase, and from the steering position by other stairs.



The steering position is completely covered by a rigid roof that protects from rain, provides shade and it can be completely closed. It is certainly a success, but it pays its price in terms of visibility because it is more difficult to see the aft from the interior port side.



The roof covers the entire cockpit, where there are a table and a narrow bench, not very useful, unlike the sofa-lounger on the port side, extremely comfortable, under which there is a storage box, connected to the stairs to the steering seat, and the L-shaped sofa that surrounds the table on the starboard side. An integrated fridge, front opening, can be added to the cockpit.

The interior face of the aft bulkhead is used as a work surface, with two more refrigerators, one with a vertical opening (also optional) and another front, with shelves and tall cabinets, with little background but useful for small objects. The lack of visibility is compensated thanks to the glass door of three independent sheets that communicates saloon and the cockpit.


The living room of this model benefits from the new design of the vertical windows typical of the Lagoons. There is a U-shaped kitchen in the central space. It has good guards, a sufficient work surface with a single stainless steel sink (it would be more convenient to have two, but in this case, the oven occupies the space), top cabinets and drawers. It has a seawater pump, something very useful and that many shipyards have abandoned. The work surfaces are large but the storage space is limited taking into account the features of the boat, however, that is compensated by the two large chests in the bow whose capacity is huge and the chests under the saloon sofa in the saloon. The chests under the bow seat are occupied by the heating and air conditioning system.



The Lagoon 42 is offered in two versions, owner’s, with three double cabins, reserving the starboard hull entirely for the owner, and with four cabins, each with its own bathroom.

In the case of owner’s version, the starboard hull is divided into three areas: the bathroom in the bow, central area with work table, bookshelves and longitudinal sofa, and aft area with double bed. The height and amplitude achieved by the interior of the hulls, the use of space, as well as the light that enters through the windows of the hull is exceptional, and we could say that, in habitability and comfort, this Lagoon does not have to envy anything to other catamarans located in the luxury category, and it has a more reasonable price.




When it comes to navigation we could say that the position of the mast in Lagoon 42, together with the trapezoidal mainsail, gives excellent results with light winds, something that is greatly appreciated when navigating a catamaran. Sailing by the motor is also not bad. With two 57-horsepower Yanmar motors and three-bladed propellers (optional), the Lagoon 42 has a cruising speed of 6.8 knots at 2,000 rpm, a speed that rises to 7.4 knots only by climbing 200 laps and without stressing the engine. In case of a hurry, we can navigate to 8.6 knots and 3,200 rpm, the maximum that is allowed.




Architects: Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost
Exterior styling: Patrick Le Quément
Interior design: Nauta Design

Length over all: 12.80 m / 42'
Beam: 7.70 m / 25' 3"
Draft: 1.25 m / 4' 1"
Mast clearance: 20.65m / 67' 9"
Light displacement: 12 t / 26,460 lbs
Sail area: 90 m² / 968 ft²
Full-batten mainsail: 55 m² / 592 ft²
Squaretop mainsail opt: 59 m² / 635 ft².
Self tacking jib: 35 m² / 395.5 ft².
Code 0 (opt.): 68 m² / 732 ft²
Engine (std): 2 x 45 CV YANMAR 4JH45 / 2 x 45 HP YANMAR 4JH45
Fuel capacity: 300 l (+ optional 300 l) / 79 US gal (+79Us gal in option)
Fresh water capacity: 300 l (+ optional 300 l) / 79 US gal (+ optional 79 US gal in option)



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