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ACI marina Dubrovnik

Marina Dubrovnik is located near the village of Komolac, in Rijeka Dubrovacka in the gorge of the river Ombla, about 2 Nm from the entrance to the Dubrovnik port of Gruz and only 6 km from the Dubrovnik old town. Dubrovnik, known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic" is perhaps the most famous tourist destination in Croatia as well as all of the Mediterranean. When approaching into Rijeka Dubrovacka, care should be taken of shoals. There is a danger of strong winds, which cause high sea on the entrance of the river. The marina has 425 sea and 140 dry berths.


Reception, exchange office, swimming pool, cafe, tennis courts, toilets and showers, laundry service, market, nautical shop, repair shop, car parking, fuel station (water depth 3.0 m) butane bottles available (500 m). The marina is equipped with a crane (5t), two travel lifts (25t and 60t) and a slipway. Most repairs to hulls, engines and some electronics are possible. Customs formalities can be carried out all year round in the port of Gruz. This marina is one of the main ADAC and OAMTC information and service points.

ACI marina Dubrovnik lies near Komolac about 2 Nm from the entrance to the port of Gruž and only 6 km from the old city nucleus. Open All year round. In the year 1999 ACI marina Dubrovnik along with five other ACI marinas was awarded the "European Blue Flag", an environmental award, given to communities that make a special effort to keep their beaches and marinas clean and manage them with consideration for the local environment. The marina has been nominated for the same award in the year 2000.


The latitude and longitude of the lighthouse are 42°40,2 N 18°03,5' E. The entrance to the mouth of Rijeka Dubrovacka is marked by a lighthouse on Cape Kantafig (Fl Rg 2s 8m 4M). The course through the riverbed leads to the Mokošica lighthouse (Fl R 3s 6m 4M) and further to ACI marina Dubrovnik. From Rožat the inlet becomes narrower and shallower. Sea-depth is 3-5 m. The marina is flood-lit at night. A long breakwater protects the marina from the river currents.

About Dubrovnik town

Dubrovnik is referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic mostly because of its cultural and historical heritage. Even the famous George Bernard Shaw wrote that "those who are looking for heaven on Earth should come to Dubrovnik".


The over a thousand-year-old history of Dubrovnik is visible in every part of this city. The city is a living museum and a live stage and has an ideal connection between its historical past and the modern day. It is surrounded by medieval walls that are 1940 meters long and are preserved in their original form. They are open to visitors and are the city's the greatest attraction. Since 1979 the town has been under UNESCO protection.

Dubrovnik is mainly a cultural destination, which asides from monuments of interest, offers a series of cultural events and festivals. Dubrovnik is a destination where you can enjoy a rest and has extremely good air connections with all the larger European centers. Dubrovnik is a city that charms, a city that you fall in love with and always return to like new, to discover more unique experiences.

Dubrovnik, the center of the Dubrovnik region in the southernmost part of the Croatian coast, deserves to be called the Pearl of the Adriatic. The harmony of its centuries-old buildings and the walls surrounding it seems to come from a fairy-tale. Anyone who fails to visit this piece of heaven on Earth will be deprived of enjoying the second most beautiful place in the world. Because one's birthplace is always number one.

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