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Zadar and Sibenik - Murter

Marinas on Murter peninsula

The Murter peninsula lies in the northwestern part of the Sibenik archipelago. It is separated from the mainland by the Murter channel, which is spanned by a bridge at it's narrowest part, at the settlement of Tisno. Murter has 3 marinas: marina Jezera close to Tisno, marina Betina in Betina and marina Hramina in Murter and they are all close to each other.


Marina Hramina Murter - In 2002, a new company, Marina Hramina Ltd. for nautical tourism was established, which on the 24th of October 2002 by order of the government of the Republic of Croatia received the concession for use of the Hramina harbor. The marina was enhanced with new facilities (services, workshops, boat supply shops, new charter dock, improved and expanded parking lot, and soon to be completed new sanitary facilities). Numerous remodeling improvements were made to the interiors (restaurant, terrace, bar, reception) and the exterior (parking lots, beach, greenery).

Marina Betina – Betina Marina has 200 berths in the sea and 80 places on the land. Betina, a village and harbor on the north-eastern coast of the island of Murter, at the northern entrance into the Murter Channel; population 813. An economy is based on farming, vine and olive growing, fishing and tourism. The harbor is exposed to the bora and the sirocco; vessels drawing up to 1.3 m may dock along the breakwater. The cove of Zdrace houses Betina Marina. Close to the harbor is the shipyard. Betina lies on the road leading through the island of Murter.

ACI Marina Jezera – Jezera ACI Marina has 220 berths in the sea and 60 places on the land. It is open throughout the year. Jezera, a village, and harbor in the cove bearing the same name on the north-eastern coast of the island of Murter; population 838. Chief occupations are farming, viticulture, olive growing, fishing, and tourism. The Jezera Nautical Center with a marina has been built on the north-eastern coast of the island of Murter, in the southern part of the cove of the same name. A regional road connects Jezera with the main road Zadar - Sibenik.


About Murter peninsula

Another picturesque island is Murter, having a surface area of 18 square kilometers. Murter is an island of fishermen, olive groves and shipbuilders.

Murter is the largest town on the island with the same name, which includes over 160 islands, islets, and reefs in Kornati archipelago. The authentic stone streets with the archways, the simple peasant houses, and stone walls covered with climbing plants in the old part of Murter preserve life as it was once was - an old Roman settlement with luxurious villas. Today, this is all made visible by the numerous sites on the island and in the sea. It is a very interesting place for sailors because of the marinas and the vicinity of the Kornati islands. If you are not a sailor, the sandy bays (Slanica), very warm, clear sea and good fun will certainly attract your attention.

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